Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Captain America?

The car is painted!! Thank you to Phil Sansossio of Sansossio Auto Body in Natick, MA! It looks amazing and is ready to be towed over to Landshark Automotive to be built into a race car. Here are a couple of pictures as it's in Phil's yard. The reason that it looks so high off the ground is that it is so light - there is no engine, no interior or anything so the stock springs are lifting the car way off the ground. Once the Spec E36 racing suspension is on the car and the engine is back in, the car will be back to a normal racing ride height of about 6"-7" off the ground.

The last one is a picture of the car at Landshark, ready for assembly... We've got a lot of work to do! Thanks in advance to Lenny & Dimitri at Landshark - they do great work.

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